Out Of Breath

file8851274473595I am sure we have all experienced days when we feel like we are out of breath the entire day. We run and run and can’t seem to catch up on what we are ‘trying’ to accomplish that day.

For the past few weeks I have experienced this more often than not. It is as though there is something or someone sitting on my chest, making breathing as difficult as humanly possible. I get it, but I don’t like it.

With everything that life hands to us to accomplish, grow from and experience it is very understandable that overwhelmed pokes its head into the windows of our souls. This little guest is just there. Sometimes I find myself shutting down when it comes, other times I find myself in sprint mode….working like mad to get everything accomplished, taken care of, folded, cleaned, shopped for, dressed, showered, exercised, listened to, worked through, and maintained. Continue reading “Out Of Breath”

Place for Peace

Some lessons are learned through time, tears, prayers and the hard way. Peace is a lesson we all need to learn and re-learn. I have re-learned that peace is not something that comes automatically. It hasfile000749739082 to have a place in our hearts to come to.

I have struggled for a long time searching for this elusive feeling. I thought that if I did what I was supposed to, going through the motions, it would come. I thought that if I could just ‘get through’ the day I would feel it. I thought if I ‘figured out’ how Heavenly Father was going to take care of us, peace would be the natural result. My thoughts were a little on the wrong side.Continue reading “Place for Peace”

Coming Home

TITP2012 015Yesterday was the first official day of summer vacation for the kids. They have been counting down for at least 3 weeks…not for the last day of school, but for the first day of our volunteering. Every day it was one step closer to their favorite summer activity.

The kids and I spend the summer volunteering at a living museum called This Is The Place. It is an amazing place to spend one day a week. It is a village that represents the pioneer history of Utah. For a kid, it is a magical place to do everything they want to do…ride horses, climb fences ride trains, play in the dirt and mud, make arrowhead necklaces, pan for ‘gold’ and sing with talented, amazing people (there is a lot more that they do). For me it is a place where my kids are unplugged, happy and safe. Continue reading “Coming Home”