Perfectly Imperfect

file000810885087I have thought a long time on how to start this particular post. Perfectly imperfect is something that I have wanted to express in the best possible way, because it is something I feel pretty strongly about. However keeping with the topic of this post, I just decided to go for it and whatever comes out is whatever comes out.Continue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”

Looking, Seeing, Believing

file9751272655027It is a new day. I love the potential and promise of a new day. There is so much to accomplish in these hours we have been given. Moving forward each day is an opportunity to become more than what we are when we wake up.Continue reading “Looking, Seeing, Believing”

Purposeful Wanderings

file0001119394301This year I decided to make a greater study of the Old Testament. I have found an amazing treasure of knowledge in the pages of this blessed book. It has enhanced all of my other scripture studies as it sheds a greater light on the history and purpose of the prophets we learn from.Continue reading “Purposeful Wanderings”

How Many Times?

file000736595776-1There is a song by the artist Plumb called “Need You Now”. It is a soul touching song for me. This morning I woke up to it streaming through my mind. When this happens I know it is time to write. This song has been a solace of comfort to me during some recent times of trials. I have sung this song in my truck at the top of my lungs with tears streaming down my face. Today it represents a long night.Continue reading “How Many Times?”

Slaying a Giant One Stone At A Time


Moving a family is quite an undertaking…Wow. Today is the first day I have had any amount of brain power to share what I have learned over the past few weeks. I am truly impressed with the amount we can accomplish on little sleep, drained emotions and a strong spirit.Continue reading “Slaying a Giant One Stone At A Time”

Promises Fulfilled

ImageIt is moving day part A for our little family. We have decided to do this in two chunks, so that our ‘tender’ items can go in a special way to keep them safe. It is a day that we have long looked forward to, because we have felt for a long time that we were meant to live somewhere else.Continue reading “Promises Fulfilled”

The First Step….It IS Scary!


Today is the day I start on this amazing journey. The first step is always the hardest and scariest to make. There are so many times we need to take a first step. It is easy to step away from what is scary. It is difficult to pick up your foot, aim it in the direction of the unknown and set it down.

Today I picked up my foot and set it down on this path. Yep, it is scary. I have tried to run away from this path over and over again. Every stinking time I turned around it was right there beckoning me to come and see. Today Is the day I face it.

I decided to walk down this path today, because I want something more. I have struggled (that is putting it lightly) what my purpose is. What is the passion that drives me? What do I have to offer? Okay, you get the idea. I have started down so many ‘safe’ paths that have led me to dead ends, brief moments of joy, and pure nothingness. The only path that was left was this one.

So here you have it. This is the journey down that path, the one that scares the crap out of me. Along this journey I am going to find my joy, purpose, passion and all of the other things that make life amazing. Hang on tight…we are going for a ride!