My Voice

It has been a long, long time. I have missed this, but I didn’t think my voice needed to be heard.

In this thought process I was wrong.

Tonight I watched a video that showed me each of us has a voice and each voice needs to be heard. Our voices are as unique as we are, because each of us has something to share, something that will impact others.My Voice

It is interesting when our voices are silent for a time, they still continue to speak in our hearts. It is there that they wait, patiently for the time when they can be shared.

Sometimes it takes a life event to bring them out. Sometimes it takes someone to ask, “What are you waiting for?” And, sometimes the patience runs out and the voice cannot stay in any longer.

My voice has been waiting for a long time. In this time it has gone through many times of, “I am so ready to be heard!!!” and, “who would ever want to listen to me?” And honestly, this roller coaster of emotions has been purposeful. With each high and low I would learn more about myself and how I fit into this great big world.

For years I have struggled with feelings of “being stuck”. I didn’t feel like I was progressing on any level, even though I was going through all of the right motions (exercising, reading, learning). Feeling stuck brought with it feelings of being less than, because I was unjustly comparing myself to people I perceived were everything I was not.

These comparisons brought with them feelings of bitterness to so many. These feelings, I thought were completely justified, hardened my heart. I viewed the world from a LACK point of view… thinking there was not enough of anything to go around. This lens on life is destructive and very binding. There was NO WAY I was ever going to free myself looking at life from this angle.

Because God is kind and knows my heart better than I do, He showed me a better way. Normally this is done through someone else, and this time was not any different. As I opened my heart, just a tiny bit, I began to hear my voice again. I began to hear the voice that was constantly learning, planning, dreaming and hoping. The freeing of my voice from the inside has allowed me to find a better path… one whereon I am moving. My path

I have learned that I have always been who I am supposed to be. My thoughts for so long were that I had to travel a path of enlightenment to discover myself. I found this to be completely false. The path is of discovery and learning. It is a path to help me truly understand my strengths and weaknesses and accept all of it, because it is who I am.

There is much to learn about who I truly am. As my heart and mind have begun to let go of lack, they have been able to see the abundance of life around me. Life that I am blessed to contribute to. Life that needs to hear my voice. So here it is….

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