His Path

His PathTwo years ago our little family moved into a wonderful home, incredible neighborhood and beautiful area. It has been a little utopia for us on so many levels. It was a drastic change for us, as now our children were safe to play outside at will, be out after dark and feel a freedom they had not been familiar with. Here we have found peace and healing at many levels.

At the same time, this has been a place of sacred testing and growth. We have passed through some of the most exquisite trials, pulling at the depths of our souls. We have seen scarcity and great blessings all at the same time. We have been shown what it is like to live by faith day in and day out. We have seen the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father manifested through family, friends and strangers time and time again.

A few months ago the nomadic spirit inside of me woke up. I truthfully didn’t like it, because I love so many things about where we are. Yet, there it was….desiring change.

I am pretty sure that Heavenly Father knew that I would need a lot of time to adjust to a change of this nature, because I felt content where we are. I am pretty sure that He needed me to prepare myself at that time, so that I would be in a peaceful place to help my family go through the same process. I am pretty sure He understands my heart so deeply that He does these things for me.

The final decision was made only a few weeks ago, and once again it was done out of pure faith in how we feel. We have taken steps, most of which we have no idea why, only that we felt like it was what needed to be done at that time. There are many steps yet to be taken, however we feel like the end is hurtling towards us in the darkness.

It is times like this that I have to rely on the promises that have been made specifically to me and my family. I have to remember the quiet whisperings I have been given that assure me all is well and He is in control. I have to remember that when I feel all of the opposition in my heart we must be on the right path. I have to remember that He is gently teaching me along the way how to trust Him and be His friend. I have to stay strong, yet allow my heart to feel everything that will come its way.

I am pretty sure it would all feel a lot better if we knew our ‘where’, yet that is part of the path that has not been opened up to us yet. I have a new found respect for those in the scriptures who were driven from their homes to find a new place for them, for the pioneers who traveled thousands of miles in the wilderness not knowing where they would be until their prophet saw it with his eyes.

I hope I can be strong like they were.

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