My Stones

There is a story in the Book of Mormon that has been on my mind a lot today. The Jaredites were a group of family and friends that lived when the Tower of Babel was being constructed. The Brother of Jared (as he is called in the Book of Mormon) prayed that their families and friends would be spared from the curse Jehovah placed on the people because of their wickedness. Through his faith they were spared and subsequently told they would be moving to a promised land.

StonesAfter wandering in the wilderness for some time, they were brought to a beautiful, plentiful beach. It was a place they could have stayed for a long time and be happy. Yet, the Lord had other plans in mind for them. He asked the Brother of Jared to construct barges to carry those in his family across the ocean….uncharted waters. These barges were very unique in their construction in that they would be sealed, air tight and able to travel on top or underneath the water. Because of their construction, there was not a source of light.

The Brother of Jared took this problem to the Lord and asked Him what he should do that they might have light and air. He was given the answer for the air…a problem he could not have solved on his own. And then he was given the charge to figure out the light situation on his own…something the Lord knew he could figure out.

And figure it out he did….he went to the mountain and found 16 clear stones. He then took these stones and stood before the Lord and asked Him to touch each stone that they might shine in the darkness for them. What happened next was a miracle…born of the Brother of Jared’s faith. He saw the Lord’s finger as He touched each stone.

Today I took figurative stones to the Lord.

I wish I could say that I boldly stood before Him. I wish I could say that I boldly stood before Him. I wish I could say that I felt confident in the stones I had chosen.

I wondered what would have happened if the Brother of Jared didn’t stand before the Lord so confidently. I know the miracles that are recorded would not have happened. I know that they would have been lost in the darkness as they crossed the ocean. I know that we would not have received the amazing gift of his testimony and story to strengthen us as we are faced with problems we feel under qualified to solve.

How grateful I am that he did, because it gave me hope today. There is nothing I want more in this world than for my stones to be touched by His hand, yet, I feel so inadequate taking my stones before Him. I realized today how limited my vision is. I felt so small.

Tonight I came to realize something….as small and inadequate as I felt, I took my precious stones and laid them at His feet. I know that when He touches them they will bring the light that I seek. I know that He heard my prayer, because I felt the peace only He can give. I turned to Him with those things that I worked out.

I did not see the finger of the Lord today, but that doesn’t mean I won’t see His hand as He lights the way for us.

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