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fieldFor over a year my husband and I have been working to find a ‘niche’ to help as many people as we could. With the journey we have been on, we have wanted to use the talents and gifts we have received from Heavenly Father, life and education. We have researched many possibilities, and yet, the answer was so close to home.

My husband is a talented hypnotherapist, teacher and coach. He is so gifted at giving people the opportunity to grow within themselves by overcoming things that have been holding them back. His ability to teach is truly a gift from Heaven, because it comes so naturally to him. He is such a great blessing to me and our children.

As I have struggled over the years to find a purpose in my life, something that allows me to flourish within my calling as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, he has been by my side. I have often wondered, “Is this all there is for me?” or “What am I truly here to do?” or “How do I become who He knows I am?” Those questions have weighed my heart down more often than not, because deep down I knew there was more than what I was living.

When Kevin became a Hypnotherapist, I put him to work on my heart. We have shared some amazing, difficult, scary, wonderful and intense moments from my past that have created walls boxes within my mind and soul. Working through these moments has been quite liberating and empowering for me. It was so powerful for me to know that he was there when I was in the darkest of places.

He has had many similar experiences with some amazing women who have come to him. They have each come with a different picture to paint and their journeys have been unique. Yet, with each one of them, there has been a deep gratitude felt as we have seen them regain, or even, find their beautiful path. Some have come in as victims of heinous acts, others have watched family members destroy themselves and all around them, and still others just wanted to understand why they couldn’t move forward in life. At the end they have each come away with a greater knowledge of who they are and the power they innately posses.

I don’t know details of what happens with those who see him, but what I see is this…. healing. I have felt it and it is powerful. I have seen beautiful smiles replace deep sadness. I have seen them stand tall and walk with purpose and joy where there were hunched shoulders and no eye contact.

Our search included walking down a few wrong paths, and that is okay. It has included much time in counseling, prayer, fasting and pondering. It has included so much support and love from family and friends who believe in us.

So here we are….

We believe that there is more to motherhood than what many feel. We know that when a mother’s heart is healed and whole, she can be a power to create a world of change, beauty and love within her family and those around her. We know that when a mother is at peace and confident within herself, her husband and children reflect that in their own lives. We know that MOTHERS are worth everything. We want to help as many mothers that are out there to become who they are meant to be….powerful, confident, creators, and strong.

Moreoutofmotherhood was given to us to do just that. As it has been a gift to us, we want to share.

Please feel free to share with yourself, someone you love who is searching or is in need of healing from within. There is so much more to life than just getting by, coping or ‘making it’.

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  1. “We know that when a mother is at peace and confident within herself, her husband and children reflect that in their own lives.” Thank you for this!

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