Core Strength

fingersA couple of weeks ago I was blindsided (in a good way) by an opportunity that will require me to stretch myself in ways that have scared me for a long time. I am pretty sure the blindside method was necessary. This way I would not think, I would just do.

With this opportunity I have found that I have needed to do a lot of new things, step out of my little shy box and carry some new responsibilities. It all has felt pretty heavy…sometimes more than I feel I can carry.

When life presents these ‘growing opportunities‘ to me, I find I have a difficult time breathing, I pull into myself and detach from life around me. With a thousand thoughts rolling around in my mind, I find that the balance begins to tip towards self-doubt and negative thinking. Being overwhelmed has not been one of my strong points…

Yesterday as I pulled out one of my more difficult, yet favorite workouts, I learned so much. Heavenly Father has always been so kind to teach me in moments that are familiar to me with a voice that I will hear. For me, it takes disengaging myself from life for a few moments to pull out of the thinking that is holding me back.

I had been noticing that will all of the voices of self-doubt and negative thinking telling me that I can’t do this, there is too much for me to handle, ‘really!?!”, and so on….deep down in my heart there was a feeling of strength. I had a difficult time giving it a name, because it is not something I had really felt before. It felt new, different, and like it fit.

During this particular workout I noticed how vital it is for my core to be strong in order for me to accomplish some of the exercises. I have been focusing on my physical core strength for quite sometime, because of how it makes karate, exercising and playing so much easier. The strength has come over time and when I need it, I feel it…yesterday I needed it. Working out with external loads in my heart brings a different level of difficulty.

This is when I was taught.

I learned that this strength I had been feeling deep in my heart came from my spiritual core. I believe in life we cannot strengthen on area of our life without including others. Mind, body and soul are a complete package that all need their own strengthening. When all of them are developing strength at the same time, it is all elevated. There have been countless times I have drawn upon strength in my mind and soul when my body feels spent and vice versa.

As we strengthen the core of who we truly are, we will find more power and strength than we ever had. What we are going through will not become magically easier, we will still feel the strain and sometimes pain that comes with growth. What will change is our ability and power to overcome. We will see the gifts we have received and view our growth with gratitude in our hearts.

What an awesome gift!!!!

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