My Little Artist

heartttTonight, as the sun was setting, I watched my little girl as she played outside. The winter is slowly leaving our area and the increasing warmth ignites her desires to be outside. Our backyard is a wonderland full of opportunities for her imagination to run at full speed.

She and her little friends have created a ‘cafe’ in the backyard. They have many tools for baking up any kind of mud entree one would ever desire. To the outsider it would look like a mess, to them it is heaven. It amazes me what they come up with.

As I watched her this evening my heart almost burst within my chest. She was ‘alone’ but not. She was anxiously engaged in creating her masterpieces. It was a gift to behold. With each creation she give the most tender care and attention to detail. Nothing is lacking in presentation, design and creativity.

I marvel at her often. She does not hold back. Everything she gives has a portion of her heart stamped on it. Her thoughts are so frequently on others and how happy she could make them. It is not a surprise when she sees someone who may be feeling sad to find her creating a colorful masterpiece for them. She has one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever encountered. Her smile is will brighten even the most darkest of moments.

As we watched her, my husband said, “There is so much about her that I need to become.” It is so true. There is much about her that guides our hearts. She is so different from us in that she is outgoing, imaginative, free. I have always said we needed her in our family, because of what she brings to us.

I will forever be grateful for my little artist. She paints an incredible, colorful picture of life that I often need. The desire for adventure burns bright within her. She takes us all on many journeys that allow us to see the world from a wonderful point of view.

Her name means ‘giver of light’ and it fits her completely, because she brings so much light to everyone she meets. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he gave me this ball of fire. I love her beyond what I can express.

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