Into The Darkness

file0001735790414This last week was something incredible to say the least. Sometimes we are blessed to have things ‘fall’ into our lives that will forever change the way we live, think and become.

We have been on quite the journey for the past 2 years. The path has not always been lit, even if a little bit. We have hit our heads on low hanging branches, ran into rock walls, stepped on sharp stones, tripped over debris on the path and bruised our knees every time we hit the ground.

As many times as I thought otherwise, it was all for something better….

My husband and I read a book entitled “Financial Success Through Creative Mind Power”. It is an older book. I had never heard of it. yet from the first page it challenged many of the ways that I had been caught up in thinking.  At the same time it made complete sense to me.

On the surface it is a financial book, however deeper it is a book that gave life to my soul. It brought purpose to my life through creation. It gave me strength to make some very key decisions for our family that would forever change who we are and what we are about.

It has been almost 2 years since my husband was let go of his position with a company. During that time he became a Hypnotherapist, a skill that allows him to help people at such a deep and beautiful level. It is something that he is so passionate about. Seeing the changes that have come into peoples’ lives has been amazing. We have lived on faith, prayers, amazing generosity from loved ones and many gifts from Heavenly Father. It has not been easy to say the least, but the growth has prepared us for what we are supposed to do.

We were presented with an opportunity for him to return to work doing something similar to what he does now, helping others find their strengths and purpose in life. After 2 years, the offer sounded like a gift from heaven. After interviewing with them we realized the offer came with many sacrifices we, as a family would have to make. These sacrifices felt very contrary to what we have been fighting for and desiring.

One night as we sat together talking about what we truly want, the ideas of this amazing book would weave themselves into what we know can happen. It was as if my mind opened up and found a clarity it had lost many months ago. Prayerfully we committed ourselves to a path that is not yet lit, knowing that it is the way Heavenly Father would have us go.

The very next day the company my husband had spoken with called and wanted to talk to him again….. ?

Fortunately it was a message and we were able to, once again, counsel with each other. We were at a point that we didn’t know what to do, because both paths seemed right for one reason or another. At the end of the day, we knew we needed to continue in the path that we committed ourselves to. It is such a blessing to know we can take these decisions and opportunities to the One who knows all. It was during this prayer that I felt the invigorating power of faith, even though we were in essence stepping into the darkness. We are on the right path.

Every day I look for the blessings and opportunities that lie on this path. It is amazing how those low-hanging branches, rocks, stones, and debris are no longer obstacles that injure us. The light we receive from His love and power is enough to take us to where we need to be.

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