He Heard

IMG_9845I am not sure what to do with days like today, just live them I guess. There is a sense of emptiness in my mind and heart that I have found difficult to fill.

We are at yet another crossroads in our lives. It seems like we have been here done this quite a bit lately. One would think we had the hang of it, however each crossroads has brought with it a new set of rules and extra added moments of growth. Life does not seem to pause until things resolve, rather it tends to throw more at you to see how much you can handle.

Feeling like the ideas have run out and the options as slim as a piece of paper the questions began to pile up in our hearts. The only option I could think of was to pray. My first inclination was to find the right words to ‘force His hand’ and show Him that we need all the blessings we feel we should receive at this time. That thought lasted for about a second before I began to laugh out loud. Hahaha…forcing His hand is quite a funny statement. Wow, that was evidence of high quality, immature faith at that moment.

After I pulled myself together, grew up quickly and allowed my heart to open once again, we knelt in prayer. My heart hurt because I have no answers, no inclination of direction, no ideas. The feeling of helplessness engulfed my soul. Yet, within in all, there was a sliver of peace. We always have prayer.

As the day went on, we were blessed with opportunities to reach out to others and lose ourselves momentarily. These were gifts that allowed my soul to feel purpose.

Coming home from the hospital visiting my Mom, I poured out my heart to Him. Tears flowed with the words that were uttered and those left unspoken. All I needed was to know He was there and that we are not alone at this crossroads. The answer was not there, in my heart I knew that.

From somewhere, it came. A sense that He had heard. A feeling that He knows right where we are literally and metaphorically.

The overwhelming feeling of emptiness has been pushed back a bit and this feeling has come in. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. I do know that I have prayer and a Father who knows me.

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  1. Lord, send my soul a tiny thunderstorm to nourish my garden, that it may grow and grow until it bears fruit. You heard me didn’t you? From out of nowhere, when I am least expecting, you arrive precisely on time. Bringing with you a love that absolutely melts my heart and takes my breath away. This garden has been singing your praises all the day long, and then it hit me; You heard me didn’t you?

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