Refusing To Fear

file7431259610436There are nights when sleep is very elusive. These are the nights I find myself doing a lot of pondering. I have asked myself a question over and over again over the past few months and today I received an answer.

I have asked myself, “What will it feel like to not live in fear anymore?”

There are many levels to this question….many fears that have gripped our hearts as we have searched for our path. One of the greatest desires of my heart is to have these fears resolved and taken away. I have looked to heaven to do this for me…

One of the greatest definitions of fear I have ever heard is this….fear is putting our faith in the wrong power and outcome. It is simply choosing to not believe that the world can change for us and that we will be stronger after every moment of learning.

As I have shared this desire with my Heavenly Father, He has been patient, listening and waiting until my heart was ready to receive what He would tell me. It would not have done me any good to hear this answer, until now…

It is simply that I do not have to live in fear. All of the fears that have taken over my mind and heart are all things that the adversary would have be believe, not the promises Heavenly Father has made to us. I have put my faith in the wrong power and outcome. It is not easy to recognize and admit this, however it is the truth.

Tonight as I have taken some time to listen, I have realized that I can make a different choice. I can refuse to fear and believe in the promises we have been given. Heavenly Father did not send us here to fail. He gave us ALL that we have so that we can succeed and become who we are meant to be. I am His daughter and He is my father.

Honestly I wish it was as simple as that, however I understand that I will be required to battle for this refusal on an hourly basis. I will simply need to remember who I am and why I am.

Refusing to fear allows me  to find a peace and strength I never knew existed. It is a decision that is deep in my soul.

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