Quiet Understanding

file0001410420586I learn so much from quiet conversations with people. Sometimes a simple phrase they utter will spark a few days of pondering on my part. A few days ago I was having such a conversation with a new friend. She was talking about how many people in our area have had their ‘own personal Gethsemane’s’ and as such they have a depth to their hearts that allows them to see past all of the things that normally cause us hurt.

The phrase ‘own personal Gethsemane’ has stuck in my heart and mind. I have thought about what it truly means.

As much as we crave a life without pain and hardship, it is not meant to be. There are lessons that we learn that are so unique to passing through pain and hardship. They are requirements for us to have faith, see, believe, hope and succeed.

We have a very limited description of what Jesus Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. Yet that limited description is enough for the tender in heart to realize that there was not one part of Him that did not suffer, hurt, or cry out to His Father. We know that the time He spent there was for each of us and by doing what He did, we are blessed with One who can comfort us at such a deep level.

How grateful I am that He did this for me.

As our little family has been working through a moment of personal trial and learning, we have felt very keenly the pain, uncertainty, moments of weakness, the feelings of perceived abandonment, the stumbling, the clawing our way back up  and everything that goes along with deep learning. It has been almost surreal at times as I have looked back.

The goal in life is to become like our Savior, so that we may truly see and know Him.

I have begun to see that the times in our lives when we are called upon to pass through moments of pain and sorrow are meant to bring us closer to Him, to see things as He does. These challenges are tailor made for our hearts and souls. They are so unique and spot on that there could be only One who would know what we need to pass through to return home.

It is in these times that we can find the deep compassion our Savior has to offer us, for He knows what it is like. It is always there, however we need to look for it. We need to do as He did….call out to our Father, even if we think we are alone. There have been moments when I have called out to Him, thinking that my prayers are just words. I have always been lifted up and comforted by His hand.

We have been given the greatest gift in our Savior. The level of compassion and understanding He has for our pains, weaknesses and trials is far greater than I could ever comprehend. I am thankful for these ‘moments’ that teach me a little at a time who He is for me.

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