Here To Learn

file5921284885940Enlightenment is incredible. It usually comes in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected times. It is always very quiet and powerful.

Sunday I experienced a moment of enlightenment. As we were listening to the speaker in church, he said something that touched my heart and gave words to something that I have been pondering.

For a long time I have pondered the saying, “We are here to be tested.” I understand that we are here, on this earth for a purpose. We are here to experience and choose. The word testing has never sat so well within my soul, because of what it implies.

Being tested to me is something that is pass or fail, with no room for anything else. It means that if we fall down, that test is over and we have failed. With these thoughts in mind, I have always felt like any time I have stumbled or struggled, I am weak and there is not very much hope for me. It is not a healthy way to look at myself and live.

Yesterday the speaker said, “We are here to learn, not to be tested. Testing is right or wrong and pass or fail.”

Here to learn. The words seared into my heart. All of a sudden I found what I had searched for. We are here to learn.

Learning involves studying, making choices, seeing consequences, celebrating growth, hurting, crying, becoming. Learning is how we move forward. We choose what we learn and how we apply it to our hearts.

We fought for this right to choose in another time and place. In essence we fought for this right and opportunity to learn. Just as Jesus Christ learned line upon line, so do we. With each step we take, we find ourselves closer or further from our Home.

It is comforting for me to learn that it is not pass/fail. The Atonement of Jesus Christ makes up the difference for us after all that we can do. Sometimes we don’t understand or know what to do…so He steps in and helps us. Sometimes the learning comes after we have stumbled. Once again, He makes it so that we can move forward after something like that.

I marvel at the wisdom of Heavenly Father. I am in awe of the love that Jesus Christ has for me. I am ever humbled to think that they would trust me enough to be here to learn.

We are blessed beyond measure as we learn more of Them and who we truly are.




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