Falling Down

I love karate! I think I have mentioned it a time or two on this blog, but because I love it so much I will mention it once again. beltpromojune 124

Karate has taught me so many life lessons. I have wished so many times that I started this journey when I was a lot younger, however I think I would not have appreciated the depth of learning that I have experienced if I had started this in my teens or even twenties.

This week in training brought a new lesson. It is one that I have had to learn, re-learn and learn all over again. I need to keep it with me from now on, because I don’t bounce like I used to. I tend to thud and climb back up.

Our focus this week has been kicks and tricks. Most of the time I watch our very talented teachers demonstrate our newest addition to the kick/trick family. He does it flawlessly, to the point I even think, “Hey I can do that too.” (There is usually a little snigger deep down in my subconscious, because it understands the reality of it all.)

As I watched some of the kids attempt these new kicks and tricks, I noticed how often they fell down. They would go all out and crash. Undauntedly they would get up and do it again. Some of the crashes were quite epic. One of the things I love about our instructors is the way they celebrate the crashes and the landings. Either one is an amazing moment to them.

I was truly inspired by these kids. So inspired that I attempted these kicks, in spite of the little snigger deep down that told me I am too old for this stuff. So there!

Truth be told, my kicks are far from flawless, in fact they are flawfull, BUT I did them. I allowed myself the freedom to try something new, fall down, get up and fall down again. I am learning it is okay to thud, because that is what I do now. I am learning that I need to keep an open mind and heart when trying new things.

Fail or not, I need to try. It is the only way I  will get better at anything in life, not just karate.

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  1. I love watching you do karate. Watching you try. It’s so frustrating sometimes when I do something (kick, punch, you name it) and I feel like I do it “like a girl.” I love that I can go and even though my own little insecurities are telling me one thing in my head I have a whole room full of friends, instructors and fellow students alike, encouraging me to try. I love karate too! 🙂

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