Powerful Words

As I have embarked on this blog journey, I have come to appreciate the power words have. Written or spoken, words create within each of us healing, hurt, power, weakness, happiness or sadness…the list is quite extensive.

I have felt the healing power of words as I have allowed them to express how my heart is feeling. They have given a voice to those deep emotions that try to get out, however they are trapped until they are given a name.

Something that I have also become aware of is the effect words have on others. When we speak, our words carry how we feel; sometimes revealing things we thought had been hidden. It is amazing what comes out when we speak or write.

Listening to myself and those around me, I see how words empower or destroy those for which they are intended. I recently listened to a conversation where a mom was saying that her children “could never do that because….” or “they need to get new pants because their butt had gotten too big from eating too much junk food”…. The saddest part of this conversation was the children were right there. I was so sad for them. The message they were sent through words was not one of power, just destruction.

Another time I listened to a father telling his children over and over again how proud he was of them, how he was amazed at what they were accomplishing, how he loved to be with them and so on. These blessed children received a message that they are truly incredible little people and that there is nothing they could not accomplish in life. The words they received gave them power to become who they are meant to be.

We are often times taught in contrast. I marvel at how easy it is for words that tear down to come out. I truly hate it when they come out of my mouth, however sadly they do. I have learned that it is worth any amount of work it seems to take to stuff the negative down. I love to see how positive and powerful words can change someone’s world in an instant. My Mom is an amazing example of this…she does it all of the time to perfect strangers. The effect is awesome.

As with all things in life, I have work to do. I want my words to be powerful, uplifting and edifying…especially for my children. They are incredible people and I want them to grow up KNOWING this. I want those who come in contact with me to feel better about themselves after they leave me. I want my words to create and give meaning.

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  1. Great blog. I too struggle to be positive especially for my children and about my self image. I have just created vision boards full of positive words that I want to bring into my life. I have stuck them to the refrigerator door and pantry door. They are my daily reminder. Good luck on your journey.

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