Unraveling My Heart

Have you ever had so many emotions in your heart? Sometimes it feels like it will erupt unless I sort them out. Today is one of those days…file571244300806

As I try to make sense of what is going on inside, I am having a difficult time finding a starting point to unravel this mess. It is like a nightmare of rope that is all coiled up in different directions daring me to find an end to begin the unraveling. I know I need to undo all of it, however the task is daunting beyond belief.

I think some days we have what it takes to keep the rope of our lives in order. We can untie any knot that comes along. We can coil to rope nicely and keep it in order.

Then there are the days, weeks, months or years when the rope starts getting tangled. We trip and stumble as we are trying to keep up with the knots, let alone untie them. We find ourselves letting go of the rope for just one moment to find some rest. In that brief moment everything spins out of control. The rope starts to take on a life of its own and the amount of rope, knots and tangles triples. It becomes a monumental task to keep our heads above the sea of rope surrounding us. Crying out for help seems futile, because it just keeps coming, piling up and becoming more than we think we can even bear.

So there you have it, a small glimpse into my heart today. Where to begin? I hope to understand this sea of rope at some time. I know that all we experience in life is for our benefit, essentially for our strength. I know that the moments we feel as though we are helpless, we are being borne up by our Savior. I also, know there have to be moments in our lives when we feel completely abandoned and overrun by the cares in our hearts. These are the moments He wants to know we choose Him.

I guess my best option would be to kneel down and find the end of the rope so I can start working on these knots. I am thinking the rope is not going to stop piling up around me. My best bet is to just get to work. When we are going about doing good, that is when He shows His love and kindness to us. That is when He reaches in and starts untying our knots too.

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