Therapeutic Writing

This morning I learned a huge lesson for me in my life…writing is the best therapy for a heavy heart. Message Stones

I woke up feeling the weight of the world crushing my heart. I would rather wake up on the wrong side of the bed, because I know I could go back to bed and get up on the right side. The weight of the world however does not respond well to the ‘going back to bed’ solution. It is what it is right now.

I spent some time in thoughtful prayer. I just wanted to talk to my Heavenly Father. I needed Him. I am not sure if what I had to say was anything earth shattering, in fact I know it wasn’t. I just needed to ask Him a few questions and express my feelings. He is always so good to listen to me.

My heart still felt heavy and dark. I don’t like the darkness in there. It hurts.

I decided to write, because I really didn’t have anything else to do.

A beautiful thing began to happen. As I shared my thoughts about my belt testing, my heart began to find the light it craved. The world began to open up again.

I have taken for granted the blessing of sharing my heart. It is not good for me to keep it to myself. When I am struggling, I tend to lock it up so that others cannot see. I pull inside to a place that is not only lonely, it is silent. I push away all that would bring me joy.

Thank you for taking time to share my heart today. It has brought more light than I could have ever hoped for. It has helped the healing begin.

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