Brave Enough

file0001410056452I am always in awe when a song can capture exactly what my heart feels. It is always incredible when the emotion, lyrics and music of the song create a moment within me that allows a special release of what is inside. The power of song is truly amazing.

Hold Me Now‘ by Red is one of the most emotional songs I have ever experienced. As I listen to his raw voice singing, I realize that this song is one that has come from his soul. His description of falling, fear, and holding on creates the imagery of someone doing their best to stay strong in spite of life requiring more than they feel they have to give.

Life does that often….requires more of us than we feel we have within us. It is during these moments when we are refined.

I have always felt like I shouldn’t have moments of weakness. I should be ‘strong’ all of the time. I shouldn’t cry or feel like I am failing. I shouldn’t fall down.

If there is anything that I have learned over the past year, it is this… we can’t be strong all of the time on our own. Sometimes we just can’t fly any more, our wings get tired and we begin to fall.

Hope is slipping through my hands…gravity is taking hold. Said I am not afraid… that I am brave enough.

Hold me now…till the fear is leaving…I am barely breathing.

Crying out… these tired wings are falling… I need you to catch me.

As I burn… As I break… I can’t take it anymore…I’ll return to the place where the waters cover over everything.


As we reach out for help, our moments of weakness become moments of strength. We are stronger when we are holding onto someone’s hand.

I reached out this week and found hands that are always waiting to hold onto mine. I fell to my knees and called out to my Heavenly Father and Savior. I found them patiently waiting, arms outstretched and hands ready to take mine. I looked to my best friend…my husband. I found strength in his grasp as he caught me in my fall. I learned I am not weak. I am brave enough.

Because I have hands to hold, I can go on. They enable me to feel strong. Now….

I won’t give up until I see the sun…..

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