Calm in the Storm

file0001068993697For the past few nights I have been jarred awake by wind, lightning and rain. Other than losing a few precious moments of sleep, I love storms.

They have brought a fair amount of turmoil with them, however they have brought a much needed respite from the extreme heat we have been enjoying this summer.

I remember as a child, like most people, being very scared when the lightning would strike and the thunder would follow. I always felt like I was completely out of control of the situation, therefore cowering resulted.

As time went on, I found the thrill of watching and listening. It became a wonder as I felt so small, yet significant. When the thunder rolls across the sky, and you feel it in your heart, there is no question in my heart that there is a Heavenly Father. It is evidence of His true magnificence.

There comes a moment in each storm when you find peace and comfort. It comes when you know you are safe from the elements and you can just enjoy the show. It is the calm in the storm.

I have learned this week that this is so true with the storms we pass through in life. There are times when, just like I did as a child, we cower because we feel completely out of control while every thing is seemingly crashing around us. These moments are the most terrifying, because it would seem we have forgotten that we are never in control and the One who is would never abandon us.

There came into my heart a special calm this week. It happened in a place I never would have imagined. I was grocery shopping with my sweet, funny and happy daughter. As we traveled the aisles, we giggled and joked (we did get a lot of looks, but that always fuels the fire). All of the sudden, my heart had small sense of peace take over. I just knew He was in control.

This sense of peace gave way to feelings of contentment as my little family watched fireworks together. Contentment has not been an emotion I have been very familiar with lately. It felt new and a bit strange for a moment. As my heart recognized contentment it was welcomed in and allowed to grow.

To be completely honest, our storms have been raging this week. Things we had thought would work out, prayed would work out, did everything we could to make work out, didn’t. Yet, there is calm knowing that we did everything we could and He is in control. There is peace knowing that journey we are on is led by Him.

It is in the little things that we find the calm, peace and contentment. It is in the little things we find Him.

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