Growth Spurt

We have two amazing children. I say that because I am their mom and I see all of the incredible little things that they do. One of the most amazing things I see is the way that they grow…physically and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAspiritually.

They have a little growth chart on the back of their doors, where every month we measure how much they have grown. Some months there is barely a visible change; other months my jaw literally drops. What is crazy to me is the months that I don’t see a great change on the chart, I see the most growth in them.

Both of our kids are going to be quite tall, one of many great qualities they get from their father. We have been blessed that as they are attaining their height, they have not had a lot of the horribly painful growth spurts…until a couple of weeks ago. Our son looked at me and said, “Mom I feel hot and I hurt.” I took his temperature and he didn’t have any signs of a fever. I couldn’t figure it out and then it hit me…he is growing.

After I got him comfortable and sleeping, I began to think about growth. All growth requires change. Physically it is the formation of new cells and pathways. Spiritually it is the opening of our hearts to the things we need to let go of or become. Mentally it is finding knowledge that helps us move forward. We can’t stay the same and expect to grow.

I also realized that growth is not a pain free journey. It hurts to grow. Our ability to take care of the pain determines if our growth is healthy. Recognizing the pain for what it is gives us the power to become who we are meant to be. I always do better when I understand, because then I can focus the energy I need to heal or change. I have noticed this in my children as well. As soon as we explain why they are feeling the way they are, their abilities to handle the pain increases exponentially.

Spiritually it is not always evident why we are passing through a growth spurt. Usually it takes some time to identify what needs to change. Just like physical growth spurts, spiritual growing comes with tools to help us. The key to growing spiritually is staying close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Constant communication with them is what brings the understanding we need. The answers may not be what we want to hear and the timing is hardly ever as quick as we would like, however we can know that what They have in store for our growth is what we need to become who we are meant to be.

Pain is a teacher. The peace that comes from doing all we can to understand and take care of our growth spurts is so deep. It trumps all pain. It allows us to change and grow.

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