Driving Conversation

My kids and I spend a fair amount of time in the car as we travel back and forth this summer. I have to say it is one of my most favorite times we share. One of the best things I have done is banning file8451249502007their little devices. This has allowed us to chat about any and everything.

When I say everything, I mean it. We have talked about life, death, spiritual things, anatomy, what to do in certain situations and any silly thing that comes out of their little minds. Our conversations can change from one second to the next, so I have to be on top of my game.

I always love to talk about the important things in life with them…and the not so important things. About 5 1/2 years ago my son’s kindergarten teacher passed away from cancer. She was a wonderful person and he totally loved her. He asked me if she was going to be okay in heaven. The conversationĀ  that followed was a treasure. I was able to teach him about where we lived before earth, why we are here and what happens when we return to Heavenly Father. For a 5 year old boy, he understood amazingly well.

Yesterday as we were on our way to volunteer, the subject of death came up. My sweet little girl told me she was scared that it will hurt when she dies. Deep down inside, I think we all have that same fear. We had a great conversation about dying (that doesn’t sound like a great conversation topic, but it was). We talked about what happens when we leave this earth and how intricately intertwined our spirits and bodies are. Both of the kids were completely amazed at what the spirit actually does for our mortal bodies. In that moment her fears were calmed.

And just like that the conversation turned to how much I like to drive fast cars and my Mario Andretti days (which are buried deep under the need to keep my children safe while I drive). Truly one could get whiplash trying to keep up with our little chats.

Sometimes I look for opportunities to take a drive with the kids. They are two of my bestest friends. I am truly grateful that they feel like they can talk to me about the things that are on their minds. It is incredible what they think about and what they know. I have to say that I am blessed to be their Mom. Truck time is one of the best times.

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