Healing Chats

This morning I was Facebook chatting with two of my dearest friends. After moving to a different city, Facebook has been a blessing to help me stay in touch. All three of us are traveling on our own roads offile000138289502 growth.

Life has a way of teaching us in the quiet, unassuming moments. I love these moments, because they are the ones that pierce my soul the deepest. Sometimes I watch others and find inspiration and strength through their actions and words.

One of my friends sent her daughter off on an incredible vacation for an extended period of time. I can imagine how difficult it was for her to say goodbye. I told her that I thought she was brave, to which she responded that she didn’t feel so brave. In that moment I learned that the very thing we are is the one thing we don’t feel at the time.

Case in point. Our journey has been a bit bumpy over the past year. I haven’t felt strong, brave or inspiring. In fact I have felt the opposite almost daily. As I sat and counseled with my sweet parents a few days ago, they thanked me for the example my husband and I have set as we have done our best to follow the inspirations we have received from Heavenly Father. They expressed how it has helped them through a few moments. I was baffled and humbled by this revelation.

As I chatted with my other friend, I opened up my heart. This is not something I do with ease. It takes a lot of courage for me to show what is in there. I guess I have always felt that if I guard it, I will keep it safe. Funny how that is completely the opposite of how I should grow. I realized as I opened the door that it is healing to allow light to come in and burdens to escape.

These two friends have been an inspiration to me on so many occasions. They are beautiful women who are doing their best to become who they truly are. I am so grateful that they were sent to my life, because of the unique gifts they have given my heart. So to them, thank you for sharing my journey.

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