Barefoot Healing

A few weeks back I did a great job injuring my ankle….black, blue, green and huge are great descriptive words. Can I say I truly dislike being injured? There is nothing fun about it. One thing I have DSCN1171learned is how much I appreciate being well and whole.

After this injury, I decided I could not stop working out daily. This is to protect my family as well as my sanity. Working out to me is purpose, cleansing and challenging. I need this at least 6 days a week. It is necessary to my survival. Unfortunately I could not put on my shoes. Fat ankle = fat foot.

I have tried barefoot running in the past. Due to the nature of my over eager training (it felt sooo good to run after so many years of pain), I had to cut back to the point of non-running for a long time. I decided if I could run barefoot, I could workout barefoot too! I do it every week at karate, so why not at home?

My feet have become so much stronger with this! I could not do my normal Insanity workouts, because of the amount of time you spend off the ground. However I could to my P90X2 workouts and build muscle lifting. I honestly believe that the recovery time for this injury has been decreased significantly, because I have been working it out in its natural form.

With ankle sprains, the best thing you can do is regain mobility and challenge the balance. This retrains the proprioceptors (the nerve endings in your body that tell you where you are in space) so that the ankle can regain the stability it lost. Working out barefoot with karate and my other workouts have been the best way to do this. It hurts, but in a good way.

Yesterday, I was able to do a jump split kick again! It felt sooo good. To leave the ground with minimal fear was quite refreshing. I know it is healing when my body starts doing the things it did before without that gut wrenching fear. I know I still have a long way to go, because of the size of my ankle and the decreased mobility that continues to plague it. However, I relish any little victory in the improvement department.

I guess this is how it is in life. When we get injured, we need to heal and return to the most basic things in order to get better. In this case, bare feet. I am thankful it is summer….this would be a cold rehab process in the winter.

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