Three Days

file0001513488121Yesterday as I was sitting in our Sacrament meeting, I began to reflect upon the disciples of Christ and all that they went through when He was crucified. It was a little overwhelming, however I am thankful for the time to reflect upon the One who loves me so much.

My mind first went to the sepulchre and the moment when they placed the shroud over their Savior and rolled the stone over the opening. I imagined the anguish that they felt, because the One they had looked to for instruction, love and example had just been violently taken from them. They didn’t understand why or what would happen from that moment. In all of their confusion and heartbreak they just did what they felt they needed to do to take care of Him.

I then thought about what He had been teaching them all along. He had tried to help them by telling them that He would be taken and in three days rebuild the temple. He wanted to help them, prepare them for this time to come. Yet, because this is something that had never occurred, they could not comprehend.

For three days they thought all was lost. They asked the why question. They asked the what do we do now question. They waited to be able to finish what they had started in preparing His body for a proper burial. I imagine they were confused, afraid and felt alone.

Three days….

Then the miracle happened…He was risen. He did exactly what He had told them He was going to do. He rebuilt the temple in three days. This miracle brought so much joy, understanding and love to those faithful disciples who had chosen to follow Him, no matter what. They were blessed beyond all comprehension. They were given the opportunity to feel the prints in His hands and feet. Their faith was rewarded with a love they could never have thought possible.

Fast-forward thousands of years…

I believe, because I have felt this in my life, that there are moments that come into our lives that we don’t understand what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have in store for us, or why we are passing through a faith-building time. We feel like all is lost and we don’t have anywhere to turn. The best we can do is move forward in our faith that tells us “that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them” (1 Nephi 3:7).

Three days is what it took for the miracle of all miracles to come. We may have to have strength for more than three days, however we have to remember that He will deliver us as He delivered His disciples. He will come and lift us. Some times it requires quite a miracle and other times it is a seemingly small thing.

Three days…..


    1. Thank you for reading my post. I sometimes wish it is literally three days, however I know the timing of Heavenly Father is always perfect. May your three days pass with strength and quickly.

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