Pushing A Rock

file0001500131478A few months ago my Mom shared a story she had heard in church with me. It is something that I have thought a lot about as we have worked through our strengthening opportunity.

The story goes like this (please bear in mind that this is a retell of a retell):

There once was a man who lived next to an enormous rock. One day the Savior came to him and asked him to push the rock all day every day. The man happily went about obeying this command from his Lord. One day the adversary came along and asked the man, “Why are you pushing this rock? Has it ever moved? What is the purpose?” The man began to think about these questions. Soon he slacked in his daily rock pushing, until one day he completely stopped. Not too long after, the Savior returned and asked him why he had stopped pushing the rock. The man, a little self indignant, replied, “Because I didn’t see the purpose. The rock never moved. All I did was push the rock.” The Savior replied, “I never asked you to move the rock. The hours you spent pushing the rock were designed to strengthen your body, mind and spirit.”

How many times are we given a rock to push? How often do we start following this commandment happily until the adversary starts planting the seeds of doubt in our hearts? We never fully understand what He is doing for us at the time. We never see where the results will take us as we are pushing day in and day out. Some days we feel like the efforts we are making are worthwhile. However, there are more days when we feel like our strength is failing us. I have found this with every rock I have pushed.

As we take a step back at the end of the day and reflect on what we have accomplished, we should look for the way we have been strengthened beyond what we could possibly do on our own. Some days simply breathing and making it to the end of the day takes superhuman strength. Other days we are on fire and can do anything we want to. The key is to recognize who has helped us.

It is incredible the strength we build when we are pushing on these rocks Heavenly Father gives us. I think it would do us all a bit of good to stand back, look in the mirror and flex the muscles He is building within us. We need to see for ourselves the power that we have. It is definitely a good thing to see for ourselves what He recognizes and give thanks. Yep, flex those muscles and allow yourself to feel strong.

Pushing a rock is an amazing opportunity, as long as we keep our focus on just that..

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