The River

file0001978463429Tonight as I was kissing my sweet girl goodnight, I turned on her sleep music. It is a spiritual playlist. It creates a wonderful feeling in her room as she is falling into that wonderful world of sleep. One of my favorite songs came on, The River by Meredith Andrews. She has a beautiful voice that enables this message to travel to my soul.

As I sat and listened to this beautiful song, I imagined myself in this river that she speaks of. It is a river of the living waters. “Come drink, come wade, come find your very life.” The imagery that floated around my imagination was incredibly healing.

I imagined stepping into a serene river, flowing so gently. The water is clean and that perfect temperature that embraces your soul. Walking deeper into the water, I feel the cleaning, healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ renewing my spirit. Looking up I see Light bursting forth from the trees that line the river. It brings with it an illumination that pierces my heart. I turn my face towards this Light and feel the love that He has to offer me. My “brokenness was washed away.”

It is so true that as we go about living this life, we become a little broken and dry. Fighting to stay on the path of God is an out and out daily battle. I love the line, “…but look closer He is right there in the midst of every fear.” It is true. When we are surrounded by the dark influences that do their best to pull us away, He is right there, extending His hand…just like he did for Peter walking on the Sea of Galilee. His love and help are no different for any one of us than it was for him.

I am always amazed at how quietly moments of inspiration come. They come at the most perfect time. Listening to my sweet girl read to me allowed my heart and mind to open up to the beauty of this song and the imagery it provided.

As I imagined myself in the river….I felt the power of His love. There is nothing more healing and strengthening than the One who loves us the most.


  1. Thank you for refreshing my soul with your blog. I have always been a Meredith Andrews fan.

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