Sweetest Treasure

file0001918983115Last night I found the sweetest treasure waiting for me on my pillow. It was a small folded paper, about 1 inch by 1 inch. ‘To Mom’ was written in tiny little letters. I opened up this little note to find a big heart with the message, “I love you Mom!”

It is difficult to find the words to describe the warmth that enveloped my heart as I held a piece of her heart in my hands. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I marveled at her pure love for me. Every time she gives something away, she gives so much of her little soul with it. I tucked my sweet treasure into my scriptures, where it would be safe and I would see it often.

I am often humbled by my sweet little treasure of a daughter. She has a beautiful way of finding the joy in everything. She is a light to everyone around her. She gives smiles and happiness freely, because that is who she is. She sees the world in all bright, bold and different colors.

The ability she has to make friends, young and old, is beyond the shy comprehension that I have. It is a gift that she brought with her from heaven. She is the party in our family…one that three shy people truly needed. It is amazing how one giant spirit can bring balance to our lives by throwing us out of whack constantly.

She came with a great combination of her parents. She has her father’s athletic ability, competitive spirit, determination and stubbornness. She has my eyes, Swedish cheeks and a love for dancing in the rain. She cares deeply about those she has given her heart to.

The greatest thing about being a parent is seeing what they bring on their own. She has a love for animals that is deep. She would have a zoo if we would allow it. Each animal would have a name and a personality (you should see her teddy bear, he is one of us for sure). She is adventurous and has little fear (unless she is around a group of people she doesn’t know and is not ready to be seen). She has an innate desire to understand people and see the best in them.

She is a treasure from heaven. When she came, she taught us a new level of parenting. She has helped me pray more sincerely. She has helped me become creative. She is teaching me how to think outside of my little box. She is amazing.

How I qualified to raise someone as pure and beautiful as this girl I will never know. I thank my Heavenly Father daily for the gift that she is to me.




  1. Just beautiful. Your love for your daughter is so evident in your writing. One of the best things about having children is that they open us to new things and places. It is like having a second chance of childhood . 🙂

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