Game Changer

55“A strong testimony is the unshakable foundation of a secure, meaningful life where peace, confidence, happiness, and love can flourish. It is anchored in a conviction that an all-knowing God is in command of His work. He will not fail. He will keep His promises.” ~ Elder Richard G. Scott

This quote was a game changer for me today. It came at the perfect time, just as every answer from Heavenly Father does. I had gone early to pick up the Dude from school and sat in my truck with rain pouring down reading this talk from 2001.

Like most answers that come, this one was quietly powerful. The words were held in my mind until they were absorbed by my heart. All of the sudden I KNEW again. He is in command. He will not fail me, even if life feels particularly challenging. He will show us the way…when the time is right.

It is beautiful to KNOW this. Knowledge such as this is powerful to our spirits. In a world that is constantly challenging us  and pulling us from His side, it is empowering to KNOW He is there.

I am constantly in awe of the power of words spoken, or written for the right reason. They transcend time and location. I honestly don’t remember where I was in 2001 when this talk was given. I am sure I was watching, however my heart was not in need of this inspired message. Today they were a game changer for me. Twelve years later, they were exactly what my soul needed. That is what I love about the scriptures and the modern prophets. Their words are inspired for the present and future. It is beautiful how it all works.

I must express gratitude for this game changer. It is humbling to know that somehow Heavenly Father knew what words Elder Richard G. Scott would speak years ago would help, strengthen and bring peace to my heart today. I am so grateful to know that He KNOWS me. He knows what I need and allows it to come into my life at just the perfect time. It is the same for everyone who lets Him in.

I have a constant hope that some of the words that I share may be a game changer for someone, somewhere. It would fill my heart to know that someone found hope, peace or strength from words they found here. It is a blessing to be able to write what is in my heart.

Here is a link to the rest of the talk he gave. It is well worth the time…

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