At Her Feet

I have been very blessed to have been born to my parents. They are incredible people on so many levels. I strive constantly to become more of who they are. 20120930_142505

My mother is an amazing woman. She has overcome a lot, I mean A LOT in her life. She will tell you it is all to make her rough edges smoother, so she can stand before her Savior. I look at her and ask, “Where are all of these rough edges you are talking about?” She is mortal and all, however she is pretty amazing as far as I am concerned.

Recently I have undertaken sewing a dress for my little girl. She is going to be baptized in a few weeks and I wanted to make her a special dress. She picked the style of dress and described the material she wanted to have it made in. Satin and lace…a little above my skill level.

My sweet mother has been sewing for as long as I can remember. She was trained by many seamstresses that taught her the tricks of the trade. Knowledge that is difficult to come by now.

I have so many memories of playing around her feet while she sewed our clothes. Replacing the pins in the pincushion as she pulled them out, cutting up the scraps of material, and playing with all of the buttons and thread. Growing up, we spent a lot of time together. While sewing dresses, shirts, skirts, pants, soccer balls and blankets she taught me a lot about patience, detail, love and beauty. She also tried to teach me some of her tricks ;). Looking back, I see how patient she truly was with me.

The old, sewing machine that we would use to create many beautiful things, is now living at my house. I have learned to sew, however I am nowhere near the gifted seamstress she is. Part of me is grateful for that lack, because it allows me to continually call upon her in my sewing distresses (as well as many other things in life). The baptism dress constituted a sewing distress.

We have had a blast sitting and talking while we put together my sweetheart’s dress. It reminded me of the many hours growing up. Today, in particular, there was a moment that I felt like that little girl. She sat teaching me how to do a blind stitch on the dress. I sat right at her feet watching and listening to her. In that moment, I was so grateful to have her. I was so thankful to be at her feet. I truly longed to stay there, because I felt that safety and love so familiar to me.

The dress is complete and truly beautiful thanks to her touch. My heart is full thanks to her touch. I am blessed to have had these few moments with her. I pray to have something so special to share with my sweet daughter.


  1. This is such a beautiful story. I too sat with my Mother as she helped out with my first born’s baptism gown. It will be a very cherished heirloom in your family. I adore your antique sewing machine. What model and year is it? Just a gorgeous piece of machinery. I am the proud owners of two Singer 66k from 1917 and 1927 ( one treadle and one handwheel).

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is true…the dress will be something we treasure, not only because it is her baptism dress, but because her grandmother helped make it. Unfortunately the sewing machine in the picture is not ours. It does remind me of one that we had in our home and that my mother still has. Hers is a treadle machine. I loved to play with the treadle and push it up and down. My machine is from the 60’s. It is a trooper. I love the old machines, because they speak of times just like I had with my mom.

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