Sucker Punch

Sometimes life just delivers a nice little, or big, sucker punch. There is no other way to describe it. You are going along, surviving day to day and then all of a sudden WHAM  WHAM WHAM (it is rarely file0001322654455just one punch, it is more like a flurry of punches) right where you live. It seriously can take your breath away.

It is part of our mortal experience, not my favorite one to say the least. Life was never designed to be constantly easy. Our paths are sometimes meant to travel over rocky, treacherous, dark terrain. As much as we would like to not take paths that look like this, they are the ones that we are meant to go down.

Naturally we cry out in pain when things like this happen. We feel abandoned and weak. It is as though every weakness we have is exposed all at once and we are left to wonder if we ever had strength to begin with.

As with any injury in life, whether physical or spiritual, we need to breathe. Even if it feels impossible. This natural healing power will calm our hearts and minds.

Hitting our knees is key to moving forward. Even if the conduit to heaven feels closed off. Talking to the One who understands and knows all that is going on is so comforting. Jesus Christ understands all that your heart is feeling, whether it be pain, grief, fear, loneliness, anger…etc. Knowing this can be just the little sliver of hope that pulls us through the next 5 seconds.

Getting up and moving forward may feel nigh impossible, like walking through hip deep mud. The first 2 to 10 steps are so hard, however this is when you gain strength. It is never easy to strengthen a muscle that is weak, let alone a characteristic. but that is what we are here to do.

Look for the Light. There is always light. He is always there, even if we feel abandoned. Even when Jesus Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane there were angels sent to bear Him up. We too have many things that will help us see how blessed we are…even if we don’t feel worthy.

Looking up, not down will allow you to navigate the darkest path so much better. It doesn’t make sense and our natural tendency is to try to see where we are going or what we are walking on, BUT we trip more if we are not looking up for the Light.

Life is about moving forward, even if we are knocked down by those ‘beloved’ sucker punches. Our perspective and focus determine how fast we get up and how much strength we gain.

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