Different is Good

“Find the most popular TV shows, radio programs, movies, foods, drinks and entertainment – and AVOID them. Popularity breeds mediocrity.” ~Darren Hardyone_red

I am a fan of this quote. It is how I live my life now. I will say that I am honestly happier now than I have been. It is a lesson I wish I would have learned a long time ago, however I am a firm believer that we learn what we need to when we need it most.

I have always been a little different from everyone else in life. It is something that would make me sad, until one day I decided it was meant to make me stronger. I realized that I am who I am on purpose. The decision helped me refocus and see life in a greater light.

It is my perspective that the popular things in the world are things that will in essence take you away from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The world we live in right now is not really conducive to developing spirituality, personality and healthy creativity. The more I have separated myself and my family from what the world thinks we should do and who we should be, the closer we have become.

5 years ago my husband and I looked at what we were spending our money on in order to have television services. We realized that the majority of programming on TV was not something we wanted in our home. I am sure it has only gotten worse. I have always felt that what we invite into our homes is what will stay in our hearts and minds. We felt that it was up to us to protect our children, and ourselves for that matter, from things that would only draw us away from what we ultimately want.

It is definitely up to us to decided who we want to be. It is up to us to decide how we want to live. I think the more we allow what someone else says is good and popular determine how we act and think, the further away from our true selves we wander. We were made different from each other for a reason. It is in these differences that we find value and purpose. I love to learn from the gifts others have.

As I have read the scriptures, the prophets have mentioned many times that the few will be the strong ones. The few are not the ones that have decided to let others make decisions for them. The few are the ones who have a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This relationship allows them to grow and find their identity. This is something we strive to teach our children…they are different, they are leaders and they are rockstars.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, just the One who sent me here and the One that will help me get home. If that is the way I live, leaving the popular things behind, then my children will have a better path to walk on. It is good to be different….it is who we were meant to be.

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