Running Free

Yesterday file1391339639463I wanted to change up my workout routine. For the first time in years I was able to go for a good run without feeling fear. The city we recently moved from is known for the not so safe environment. Now that we are in an area where safety is a reality, I wanted to take advantage of it and just run.

Like I said, it has been a while. I have been ‘blessed’ with chronic IT Band syndrome, which is a very special pain in the knee, so running has not been on my to do list. The great outdoors called and I wanted to answer. Besides there is a monster hill right outside my door that I need to conquer.

Have I said that I love where I live? I know I have, but every day I am reminded how much I love it here. I ran down first, then to flat lands and finally the monster of a hill that I am going to slay. It was FUN and painful. There is a special feeling of freedom that found its way into my heart as I ran and felt safe.

About the halfway point I started to feel the IT Band begin to pull. I was not going to give up in the middle of my run, besides, I had not even started killing the hill. So I said (out loud which I am very glad I was alone on the road), “Not today you monster! I am going to finish!” Then I did what I normally do when I need help…I prayed that I would make it through the run. There is the verse in Isaiah Chapter 40 that states:

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

I have always loved the language of that verse. Who doesn’t want to fly like and eagle? Who doesn’t want the strength to run and not be weary? and walk and not faint? It was a simple prayer…Please help me make it through this run. It is something I love.

As always, the promise of this verse was fulfilled and the strength that I needed came. I was able to finish my run. I came around the corner and looked at the hill that was to be my finishing battle. It was HUGE. I set little goals as I ran. I would make it to a certain point and then set another goal. I didn’t make it to the top, but I did give it my everything. I ran. That is a victory.

All I know is that even when we are running we can pray and He will answer. It was a good day.


    1. I have and love it! I have the rumble foam roller and that is a special kind of pain in and of itself. I am working on transitioning to minimalist running as well. I love that freedom. Have you had to work through IT Band pain?

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