Hitting the Wall

It happens so often, I think I have a magnet pulling me toward the ever present wall. Now before you think I run into the real walls in my house, I will clarify. The walls I am talking about are the ones that come out of nowhere and knock you on your butt! These symbolic wonders are incredible with the way they show up out of the blue.file9061285884520

It is a phenomenon that occurs quite frequently in life. Today is a day when I have bounced off a couple of these walls. I got up feeling amazing. The day is gorgeous and full of potential. There is so much I can get done. Even though the tasks may be on the mundane side of things (sweeping, cleaning, laundry) I am pretty excited to feel the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment.

Here I am just doing my thing and WHAM there it is. The wall came out of thin air and knocked me down.

All of the sudden I don’t feel like doing anything. All of the things I wanted to accomplish have become quite burdensome and heavy to deal with. What?!?!? It changes within the blink of an eye. Sitting on my symbolic behind after running into this symbolic wall, my mind finds every excuse to just sit around all day and read a book that won’t bring me anything but and escape. Don’t get me wrong, we all need days of decompression and relaxation, however that is not today.

As I am sitting here making excuses, I feel so defeated. It seems as though there is someone or something (I will just call it an unfriendly) that is enjoying this for all of the wrong reasons. It loves to push me down. It is as though the wall has little vines reaching and pulling me down. I hate making unfriendly thing feel like it has won. It is amazing how difficult things become when your heart is being pressed down upon.

Well, I have made a decision, I am not going to let this unfriendly win. It is amazing how powerful moving forward is, however it does take a lot of willpower. The walls may knock me down, but they will not win if I use them to make me stronger. That is what I am going to do. I am going to, as my wonderful Grandmother would say, “pull up my panties” and become stronger today. No one likes running around with their panties around their ankles….it is just not very effective :). Besides the feelings that come with accomplishment are far more beautiful than anything that wall can dish out!

What helps you get up when you are knocked down?

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