Hello My Name Is…

Camomille_3Yesterday my husband shared a new (to me) song. It has caused a fair amount of reflection in my heart. He is fabulous, because he knows that music inspires my thoughts and writings. He is always looking for ways to inspire and help me (he is a keeper for sure).

‘Hello My Name Is’ is a song by Matthew West. A fan of his created a video for this song using Hello My Name Is signs. It is very well done and very much worth a watch (link posted below). I have watched the video a few times and I am captivated by not only the message, but by the eyes of the youth he used. In the beginning they are all holding names like: regret, unfaithful, angry, defeated, alone, dead, weak, and so forth. I have to say, as I watched these names appear I would go to places in my memory when I felt just like them. It is easy to see in their eyes how they believe ‘their name.’

The second verse brings the positive names, like: rescued, victorious, triumphant, healed, delivered, strong. Now these are feelings that my heart and soul reach out for. Feelings that come when we recognize who we truly are…”A child of the One True King.” I watched their eyes again. I found that the majority of them were trying very hard to own their positive names. Some had found and become this name, most had not.

I realized that our eyes show who we truly believe we are. They are a mirror of what and who we look to for direction and definition. It is incredible to see the amount of light and life that come from the eyes of those who know they are children of Heavenly Father and look to Jesus Christ as their Savior. Even when they struggle, their eyes are constantly searching for the Light that will guide them through. They seek Him. In their searching, they find Him within themselves.

The most powerful names to me are:

  • Triumphant
  • Complete
  • Victorious
  • Strong
  • Transformed
  • Healed
  • Set Free

These names describe someone I work on becoming every day. They represent someone who has fought the battles of life (trials, suffering, falling down, learning) and has risen with strength that can only be found in Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can lift us from the lies that we are told (that we are worthless, weak, not good enough, too broken, not smart). In order for us to overcome these lies, we need to replace them with truths of who we truly are.

The only way the darkness leaves is when the Light replaces it. There is not enough power to just say I don’t believe that I am not ______ (fill in the blank). The true power comes when we begin to believe that we are His children. The power comes when we recognize that He lives within each of us and that we have something amazing to give. Sometimes it is the smallest piece of our amazing that we have to hold on to, but it is still more powerful than the darkness.

Today my name is… Child of the One True King. What is yours?

Hello My Name Is: http://youtu.be/xctUxzZhNRs

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