_DSC8619A few days ago we found out that a distant member of our karate family had lost his wife. They are a young, dynamic family. She was having their 6th baby when everything went wrong. It broke many hearts, including ours. We are a family, bound together by a common love and goal, martial arts. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. Our prayers are with him and the children as they gather the pieces to move forward.

As we mourned with our karate family yesterday, our hearts turned to our own little family. We held each other closer last night and saying goodbye this morning was a little difficult. I just wanted everyone to stay by my side so I could hold them. Life is not that way, so I relished the moments I could feel, hold and smell them. I took a moment (or a lot) to thank my Heavenly Father for all that I have. I wanted Him to know that I see how much He has blessed me. All of a sudden life re-focused.

It is incredible how quickly our focus in life is drawn from what is the most important. There is so much noise in this life that we can have such difficulty staying tuned in and focused on our families, taking care of ourselves, reaching out to those in need and most importantly our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Living is an incredible experience every day. It takes little time or effort to notice what beautiful things surround us.

My family is my life. We are one. We are complete only when we are together in our hearts. We are blessed we were chosen to be together, because we complete each other. Taking time to see this over the past few days has renewed my love for them…and me.

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