Answers Come

file000641377093I love the quiet of the morning. It is the time when my mind and heart are reflecting upon the opportunities that lie before me that day. I have noticed that everything is still relaxed within my body and soul. I usually have some of the best conversations with Heavenly Father during this time of day.

I am going to be honest, lately I have felt that my relationship with Him has not been the closest. It is as if the conduit to Him within my heart has been closed. This has been a struggle for me. I crave my interactions with Him. So, like many others before me I began to think that there was something that I had done to close this door to heaven. I did a self check and began to notice every little thing that I thought would be cause of this. My Spirit was sad and missed Him so much.

A natural reaction to these feelings is to start slacking in prayer and meditation. I didn’t reach out as I once had, because I was feeling guilty. Not a good cycle, let me tell you. The other night, life became so heavy. It was as if there were mountains upon my shoulders and upon the shoulders of so many that I love and respect. I turned to a message by President Uchtdorf. He spoke about the hope that we find in God’s light. As my world felt so dark, his words allowed a sliver of light to enter. These words changed my world:

“Lift up your soul in prayer and explain to your Heavenly Father what you are feeling. Acknowledge your shortcomings. Pour out your heart and express your gratitude. Let Him know of the trials you are facing. Plead with Him in Christ’s name for strength and support. Ask that your ears may be opened, that you may hear His voice. Ask that your eyes may be opened, that you may see His light.”

I found a simple formula to guide me back. I got down on my knees and did just as he said to do. I let it all come out. I spoke to Him and told him everything that I was feeling, holding nothing back. It was a time of tears and release.

He taught me something that night that I pray I will always remember. I learned that like everything in life there is a natural ebb and flow. There are times when the conduit to heaven is completely open and communication with Him is easy. Then there are times when that conduit seems closed. It never is, because He hears EVERY prayer we offer. It is that we need to show Him that we love and trust Him enough to turn to Him ALWAYS. Even though the times when we feel like we are in ebb place He is there, listening, waiting and loving us.

We all may not share the same religious beliefs, but we share the same loving Heavenly Father. I know it is the hardest for Him when we turn away. I know He finds the most joy and happiness when we seek after Him. The answers, just like the light, always come. Sometimes our nights are a little longer, but they are always broken by a beautiful morning. He is there. Always has been, always will be.

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