Press Forward!!!

file0001885192404This weekend I was fortunate and blessed to attend a wonderful Stake Conference. As always it is good to surround myself with people who are doing their best and seeking knowledge to become better. There is always a good feeling when there is a group of people who have the same amazing goals and desires.

I learned so much from everyone who spoke. Their love was evident. There was one thing that has stuck out in my mind and has helped me quite a bit this week. Some of the most profound teachings are no more than 2 or 3 words and this was no different. It was PRESS FORWARD! even when you don’t want to do something, even when the task seems too difficult and even when you are tired. PRESS FORWARD!

Press forward does not give me any reason to think that whatever I am working on will become magically easier. It simply tells me that I am going to need to dig deep and find strength to accomplish the task at hand. It tells me that whatever I do will feel like a great accomplishment…and I may be a little tired after too. It is a battle cry of empowerment.

I believe that we all have days that require more of our willpower and mental strength than others. These are the days when everything we attempt seems harder than normal. It is not that we are weakened, it is that we have been carrying a burden for a long time and we are tired on every level. These are the days that my new found battle cry has come in handy (yep there have been more than one difficult days this week already). I have found a fountain of inner strength that I never knew existed! Amazing!

I am of a firm belief that Heavenly Father gives us precisely what we need right when we need it. He knew what kind of week was coming up for me. He knew that I needed my little PRESS FORWARD battle cry to pull me through. He knew the power it would have in my heart. He is amazing.

So here is my advice to anyone who would like it…find something that will give you the strength to get through the times that are difficult. If you have found something, please share. You never know when something you have to say can bring hope and empowerment to someone who is desperately searching for it…..

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