The Edge of Faith

file5331311639504For the past 10 months we have been living on the edge of faith. It is an exhilarating place to be. This journey has been one of incredible miracles and twists and turns. I have learned time and time again that I have no idea all that Heavenly Father has in store for us, because I would have resolved everything months ago. I would have never seen and experienced all that He has shown us either…

One of the most difficult things about sharing miracles is how much power they lose when I try to write them down. Words sometimes cannot do justice to what a heart feels and a soul sees. Time and time again, there have been little things that have helped to bear us up and give us strength to hold on. Most of the time it has been a song, something someone says, a robin that flies into my yard and so forth. It is always something that Heavenly Father knows will help me. He is good to me.

The edge of faith can be like a double-edge sword. One one side of the sword is excitement, adventure and hope. The other side is wondering, wandering and a little discouragement. Yesterday I was wondering, wandering and discouraged. It was a dark place to be. Clinging to faith is what helped pull me through. Today, it is a different story. I feel excitement, ready to see where this path will lead us and what ways we will be able to see the Hand of the Lord. I love this side. Today, I hold onto faith, rather than cling.

I have always envisioned the edge of faith like a chamber that is partially lit and the line of darkness is very stark. Where you stand has just enough light for you to see a little bit at a time. The light follows you to a certain point, and then it is time to step into the dark and unknown area. Leaving the light at the edge of faith is unsettling to say the least. The darkness represents all that is unknown and sometimes frightening.

Our spirits are such that they crave light and eschew darkness, unless it is something we need to grow. Then they are amazing at finding the light in the night. Whenever I have stepped (or been pushed by a loving Heavenly Father :)) from the edge of faith into the darkness, it has taken me a little bit of time to get my bearings, and then I see light. Sometimes it is ever so faint, however it is there pulling us, strengthening us and directing us. All that is good is light.

I understand now that when He takes me to the edge of faith, I am never abandoned. It is quite the opposite. He takes me there, gives me the hand of Jesus and lets me move forward. When the darkness disorients me, I have to pull back and remember that my hand is being held by the One who passed through all darkness for me. When I remember that, find His hand in mine, there is nothing that can stop me. I will journey past the edge of faith with Him, because I know whatever is one the other side will be for my strength, good and always draw me closer to Them.

I love this song by Jeremy Camp. It is exactly what we need to do as we live on the edge of faith…..

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