Learning Journey

file000704292456Wow…the learning journey is amazing, confusing and overwhelming at times. With every success there comes eight more questions for the next step. I have found that answers are amazing, finding them is difficult. I guess that is why they are so amazing.

There are many reasons I started this blog…all of them seem to disappear as I navigate through the logistics of it all. However, I need to remember that the main reason I started this blog was to share my journey. I have long wanted to find my ‘me’ in life and have thought that it would be a destination. WRONG! It is truly a journey.

Life is ever-changing, so why shouldn’t we be? There are the core values of who we are, what we believe and where we are going. In the middle of the basic three are the moments that create us, change us and define us. I am definitely not the girl I was 20 years ago…thank goodness! However there is still that little tomboy who loves to compete with the boys, drive fast, build with power tools…etc. And guess what?!!! It is okay that I am still her.

I think the part of the journey that I am on right now is finding things that are me (personally) and us (family). I truly want us to be happy and I have found that happiness doesn’t come from doing what everyone else does. I have found that happiness is being odd (not in a creepy way), finding joy in crazy things, and finding peace where there seems to be none found.

Moving forward to me today is about answering one question to find 8 more. It is about taking steps into the darkness, only to find light. It is about being me and doing things that make me happy. This is something that we create within us…finding our ‘own’ happiness. Finding our own happiness is a lot easier when we kneel in prayer and ask the One who knows us best what we need to do. He has always blessed me with a path that leads outside of my box of comfort that leads to certain happiness. He is good to me that way. He is good to all of us that way.


    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment and visit to my blog! You have a beautiful blog and outlook on life. I am impressed by your strength and what you are doing to help others! Thank you for inspiring me today!

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