Looking Up

file000854726598I feel blessed this morning as I sit outside in our backyard soaking in the morning sun. Each day is so beautiful and filled with potential. I have loved experiencing all of the newness. I love the songs from the different birds that are flying around. I love seeing the newness of life coming forth. There is so much to discover here.

There is something so healing about the sun. One of my most favorite things is to close my eyes and lift my face up towards its all encompassing warmth. It is especially wonderful in the spring. I love the way each ray touches a different part of my face, bringing a sense of renewal with it. I love how I have to look up to find it.

Lately I have noticed that my focus has been down. It happens when life takes over. When we walk a path that is not fully lit, it is easy to become focused on our feet, so that we don’t stumble. I have noticed when I am focused on my feet, I start looking at my shoes and realizing that they are not so new. They have been walking my path of life for a long time and they look it. I then start to think about what it would be like to have new shoes; what they would look and feel like. All of the sudden, the shoes that have been carrying me, protecting my feet from the path I am on, become a burden and ‘uncool’. It is easy to forget all that they have done for me when I begin to focus on all they are not.

A lot of other things happen within us when our focus is only on our path. It is easy to see our lack, not the gifts we have been given. It is easy to shut down our feelings, because it seems better to not deal with what is happening. It is easy to miss so many wonderful newnesses (I don’t think it is a word, however I like it), because we think we have to trudge through the old. It is easy to allow life to get heavy, because we feel tired. It is easy to lose sight of Heavenly Father, because He is not below us.

I love the simplicity of turning to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This morning I reached a moment of utter heaviness in my heart. I had been focusing down for a long time. I have just been ‘getting my feet under me’ trying to figure out where I fit in. I took some time and poured out my heart to Them. I said everything I needed to say….even if it felt like I was not living up to my potential. I owned my stumblings. I asked for help. They have been there waiting for me to look for Them.

I found them as I sit outside and look up to the sun. I found them in refocusing. I found them not under my path, but all around my path. That was the help I needed today. A simple question…What do I need to do to elevate myself to see Them? What do I need to learn from where I am and who I am with? Life is all about becoming who we are. It is about seeking Heavenly Father to become who He knows us to be. In the words of President Thomas S. Monson, “It is always better to look up.” I found it today in the sun. And guess what?! I don’t care what my shoes look like anymore…

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