Looking, Seeing, Believing

file9751272655027It is a new day. I love the potential and promise of a new day. There is so much to accomplish in these hours we have been given. Moving forward each day is an opportunity to become more than what we are when we wake up.

Yesterday in church we talked about trials in our lives and how they are a blessing to us as we are seeking to return to our Heavenly Father. I am sure there have been times in all of our lives that we don’t really welcome a trial, because of the uncertainty, pain, and emotions they elicit. However, we have so much to learn from these times when we are blessed to grow. Our growth is certainly dependent on a little (or a lot) of stretching towards heaven.

Our family has been working through a bit of a trial. We have gone through all of the ‘normal’ emotions with this trial…

  • The why me’s?
  • Are we done yet?
  • Okay we can do this today….maybe not…
  • The what are we supposed to learns?
  • The I don’t know if I am doing this rights.
  • The Heavenly Father where are yous?
  • And finally the gratitude that we are given a new day to work through this…

I have to wonder if the questions that come from the depths of our souls as we are traveling the journey we are on, especially when we are working through a spiritual growth spurt, are the ones that we truly need to ask and find answers for in order to grow. Why me?!?is not one of those questions, just so you know. We are all here, breathing and learning, so that qualifies us for growth. The questions that revolve around, “What do I need to learn from this?” or “Who do I need to become right now?” These are the questions that allow us to move forward.

I know that I am not perfect, I am as human as they come. I have days when I ask all of the wrong questions…especially the ones that start with, “Can this be done?” Yet, there are days when it seems like I am making progress in the darkness that has enveloped me. These are the days when I take the time to truly SEE what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have done for me moment to moment. They are the simplest things, however they are truly life changing when noticed and acted upon. It takes a directed mind and an open heart….and a lot of tears.

I love the prayers that I feel I have communed with my Heavenly Father. These are the ones when I have let go of all pretense and just talked to Him and listened to Him. I love to share with Him the blessings I have seen throughout the day. The smallest things like a memory of strength, the way the sun kissed my face, the smile from my children, laughing, a heart to heart conversation with my husband, a door that opened…. Noticing these things has allowed me to see His hand in my life more fully. As I have come before Him in times of what I thought was weakness, He has shown me how Jesus Christ has strengthened me and lifted me. He has also shown me things that I need to change and how I need to become more of who He knows I am.

Everything is a gift from our Heavenly Father…everything. As I look for Him, I see Him and I believe Him.

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