Running Uphill

Sunrise HillsThis morning was the first morning I walked the kids to school. Going to school is the easy part…it is downhill the entire way. We killed it on the amount of time it took us to get there. As I turned from them at the crosswalk (I love it when they tell me they love me as I leave them for the day) I looked at what it was going to take to get home. If you walk downhill one way, it is going to be uphill for the return trip. With my hamstrings, hips, quads and calf muscles burning from an amazing karate workout last night, I was not too excited to tackle the hills.

I had a couple of choices to make…three to be exact:

  1. Sit down and wait until my sweet husband came to rescue me.
  2. Trudge up the hills hoping that I make it.
  3. Run home like a winded BOSS.

I chose door number 3. Honestly 20 steps into my run home (I know, really strong) I was ready to give up and go for door number 2. The burn had begun in my lungs and developed into a full-blown fire in my legs. Really awesome running conditions, let me tell you. At step 21 I did something I had fought for a long time ago, I made a choice. There is more power in making a choice than we can ever understand. I chose that no matter how long it took, or how ungraceful my running was or how winded I became, I was going to run home. I was not going to give up. I started counting my steps. I relaxed everything I could in my body and just ran. I then looked up….HUGE…and saw the beauty of the mountains, sky, the sunrise and evidences of spring all around me. Running still hurt, but it was not a burden. The pain was a joy, because I made a choice to do it and feel blessed in the process.

It has not been very long since we moved into our current home. Every day I see something that is beautiful here, something that inspires me to become more than I am that day. Today as I ran, I realized that the things that I have been seeing are all evidences of Heavenly Father’s love for me. They are all around me/us! It wasn’t until I made a choice to run up the hill, push myself further than I thought I could go and allow some, okay a lot, of discomfort that I truly saw things for what they really are here.

It is in these moments when we are choosing to run up the hill, push ourselves further and allow that discomfort in our lives that we are blessed to see more in ourselves. We are blessed to see how He truly lifts us in ways that we cannot even understand. Today He lifted me by showing me the magnificence of where I live, the things I get to see and experience. Other days He sends angels to bear us up. Other days He shows us a path that we would not have seen otherwise. Here is the key…we have to look up. We have to look for what He does for us, or else we will miss it.

Sitting in the sun, I feel Him. He loves us! Oh how He loves us!

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