Slaying a Giant One Stone At A Time


Moving a family is quite an undertaking…Wow. Today is the first day I have had any amount of brain power to share what I have learned over the past few weeks. I am truly impressed with the amount we can accomplish on little sleep, drained emotions and a strong spirit.

Every Monday night our family takes time to talk about the scriptures and different principles we feel we need to learn more about. A couple of weeks ago my fantastic husband chose the story of David and Goliath.It isn’t the first time we had talked about this story, however this time it seemed to hit home.

I love this story for so many reasons. It has brought comfort to me at times in my life when I have been faced with giants. Understanding that a young man with faith could stand before someone who was bent on not only killing him, but his nation (and probably could on his own) creates the spark of strength that I need.

We brought this story into our lives as we were faced with our giant of pulling up our roots that had grown for 9 years, packing up a house full of memories and moving into an unknown. I am not going to lie…the prospect of it all (and maintaining a halfway normal life) was very giant to me.

We chose our stones… prayer, faith, determination, hard work, love, communication and laughter. Placed them in our so-called pouch and went to work slaying our giant. I know that David carefully chose the stones he wanted to use. They had to be ‘just right’ for him to place in his sling. We carefully chose our stones too.

Our prayer stone was displayed as our sweet girl would pray many nights for Heavenly Father to “help us kill our giant as we are moving”. It was a sweet moment to see into her soul. She wanted to be strong, however in moments she felt a little afraid, she chose to ask Him for help. He gave us all the ability to do what needed to be done.

Faith was a well chosen stone. It took a lot of faith to step into the darkness of the unknown…area, people and life. We honestly didn’t know how we would make it to where we felt like we should be. We only knew that we needed to be there and He would make that happen if we only believed and acted upon our feelings.

The rock of determination has to be just that…a rock. It has to be solid and able to withstand the moments of terror, adversity, and trial. This is a vital rock to have in our pouch as we work at moving forward with Heavenly Father. The giants around us, who do not want to see us succeed or be happy, are determined to undermine our efforts. Determination is the rock that slays these bad boys.

If it is worth doing, it is going to take the rock of hard work. I love looking down the barrel of an impossible situation (packing up an entire house, cleaning, organizing a new life…in two weeks) and realizing that getting it done is the only option. Hard work has taught me that with a strong spirit I can work through the fatigue and find strength I never knew I had.

Love is a rock that overcomes all. It is the rock I hold onto for everything. The love of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is all powerful. It reaches into our souls to lift us to new heights. The love that I share with my little family is amazing. A simple hug, “I love you”, cuddle or quiet time is healing and strengthening all in one. They are all a gift from Heavenly Father to me. I love them.

To communicate one must listen and speak and watch. Without this rock in our pouch we are all doomed to fail. Communication with our Heavenly Father involves watching for His hand daily in our lives and then talking to Him about what we have seen. He is so involved with everything we are doing. I know He loves it when we listen to Him, speak to Him and watch for Him.

This rock also works with those around us. I did a lot of listening, talking and watching my husband and kids as we worked through this. We shared our fears, excitement, frustrations and everything in between. We are closer because of this and that is one of the greatest blessings ever.

The last stone we chose was laughter. We needed to laugh. There were days when all we could do was laugh (because crying only made our noses run and my face really red). There is a magical power in laughing. It is what allows you to move forward because you are embracing what you are facing.

We slayed our moving giant. Along the way we learned that the stones we choose to take with us into battle are the most important weapons we will have, so choose carefully. We have taken with us this story of a shepherd stepping up when no one else would to save his nation and applied it to our lives. That is when Heavenly Father smiles upon us….when we take what He has left for us and make it real in our lives. Killing a giant takes one stone at a time.

What stones do you use to slay your giants? I am sure there are so many to choose from.

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