Promises Fulfilled

ImageIt is moving day part A for our little family. We have decided to do this in two chunks, so that our ‘tender’ items can go in a special way to keep them safe. It is a day that we have long looked forward to, because we have felt for a long time that we were meant to live somewhere else.

As I woke up early this morning, earlier than I wanted and thought I should, I had one prevailing thought…promises fulfilled. The song by Jeremy Camp, ‘There Will Be a Day’ was playing in the background, like a movie. Because this thought was so strong, I decided to write. As I write, these thoughts take on a new life and create deeper meanings in my heart.

If any of you have moved, you know what a Goliath it is to pack up your life. It is one of the most interesting undertakings I have ever attempted. Not only are you preparing your house to move by cleaning and packing EVERYTHING, but life continues to go on just as it was. It is almost surreal to do all of this and take care of homework, laundry, shopping, errands and all that goes into day to day life.

Thankfully, today it all begins to shift to the new house and life. Through it all I have to say that I have had many moments when I felt like someone was standing on my chest…breathing was not a luxury, it was work. That has always come when I feel totally overwhelmed and lacking in the ability to get done everything that needed to get done. These are the days when my prayers took on a whole new meaning.

The other day (I am not sure which one, because they have all begun to blend together) I felt completely overwhelmed. Too much needed to get done and I didn’t have enough strength, desire or time. Exhaustion had an entirely new meaning to me. I knelt and asked Heavenly Father for the strength and ability to do it all.

He answered.

As Jesus Christ was leaving his beloved disciples He promised them that He would not leave them comfortless. He promised them He would send the Holy Ghost to give them the strength, comfort and peace they needed in order to pass through what they would be facing. That Comfort came in my hour of need, just like it always does when I ask.

When Heavenly Father answers prayers He always does it in a way that I do not expect, but it is the right way. Shortly after I offered that prayer, my husband asked me out on a lunch date (it happened to be our Anniversary). Even with everything waiting to be done, I said yes, because I never miss an opportunity to go out with my most handsome best friend ever. It was just what I needed to restore balance and order within.

This may sound a little trivial to some, however to me it is just one more witness that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so intimately involved in our lives…as much as we let them be. They stand at the door knocking. Everything they say they are and say they will do, is true. It is completely awe-inspiring to sit back and watch them work.

How have you seen them work in your life? All it takes is stepping back and watching the show unfold. They are amazing!

Have a listen to this beautiful song that was playing in the background of my mind…


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