Lasts Become Firsts

Our little family is on the move. For years we have craved change, sought change and dreamed about change. We have wanted to move time and time again. However with each attempt we learned that it wasn’t time yet and we were needed here.

Recently, very recently, we found our home. It is one that we have dreamed about, but didn’t know existed until we saw and felt it. We have witnessed the hand of the Lord preparing us for this time. We have felt of His love and the quiet moments when He would tell us that He had a place prepared for us. Finding that place has been a miracle and a true blessing.

Like most things in our lives the changes that we have craved have come upon us with powerful intensity. Timing has been everything in this adventure. I have learned once again that Heavenly Father’s timing is always well planned and perfect. Waiting has never been one of my strong suits, but thankfully He is allowing me to learn this skill. The timing in this adventure has been quick. Within 3 weeks we found the house, have been packing up our current home and will move. BAM!

This is the week before we leave. It is full of ‘lasts’, last Sunday with our church family, last night at our beloved karate studio, last dinner with friends, last night…the list could go on. ‘Lasts’ are moments of reflection for me. Emotion can escape, however it has decided to stick it out for the quiet moments. Right now it sits heavy in my heart.

We have been very blessed living here for the past near decade. It has been amazing to watch the Lord work here with us. There have been countless moments when He has shown us the reasons we have stayed here as long as we have. They have come through relationships we have developed, miracles we have seen, and trials that have shaped our souls. It is good to recognize Him in our lives. The more we look for Him the more He shows to us.

As we wrap up our ‘lasts’ we have begun to look forward to our scary and exciting firsts. There will be the first in the house, the first box to unpack (fortunately there will be a last one of those too), the first day with a new church family, the first day of school for the kids, the first night of karate and so many more….

The beauty of the firsts is they will open our hearts to so many new and exciting adventures all the while allowing us to hold onto those memories and people who have shaped us up until now. We have become who we are because of those things that became a ‘last’.

The great thing about change is the opportunity to see new things through eyes that we have developed as we lived. Our hearts are amazing tools to keep in who has impacted us and the experiences that have molded us.

So here is to the ‘lasts’ that create amazing ‘firsts’! All things are a gift from God, because He loves us.Image

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