Hope Restored

file0001223159267As I drove home from dropping the kids off at school one of the ‘soul touching’ songs that I love came on. There are a few songs that simply reach into your soul and comfort it. The songs change with each life experience.

“Worn” is by Tenth Avenue North. In this simple one word title volumes are spoken. There are times in our lives when the trials just won’t let up. When it seems as though each day brings a new layer of learning. There are days when we ‘let our hope fail’. The heaviness can be almost unbearable to our hearts. It is soul crushing, or is it?

I love in this particular song the line that they share, “I know that You can give me rest. So I cry out with all that I have left.” Turning to Jesus Christ for rest is a life changing experience. It is something we are blessed to feel over and over again.

A life that has been designed to move forward and BECOME what we were meant to be will never be easy all of the time. This is something we can take comfort in. That may sound like an oxymoron…comfort in trial and pain. Yet, a life of joy, trial, pain, peace and comfort is a life that leads us to become more like our Heavenly Father.

Perspective is easily distorted when life is crushing our hearts. It is easy to give up on the very power that brings us the strength to pick up our foot just one more time or take one more breath. If we didn’t experience these moments of trial and pain, how would we ever know who to call upon? How would we ever try to look for strength beyond our own? Would we even have a reason to do so?

As gut wrenching as life is at times, it is even more so when we see those we love turn away from the ultimate source of light, strength and peace. It is the easy path to turn away. However the path that seems easy is just another lie. It is a path that only leads to more heart wrenching loneliness.

Jesus Christ showed us that life would not be easy. He showed us that the path He walks is not one of luxury, eating grapes while being fanned and so forth. He showed us that life is meant to be lived for our Father. His example of love and dedication is one to follow. He was not spared pain, discomfort, searching, loneliness, or any of what we experience here. He had all of that AND joy, peace, love and strength. We only need to look to Him as we travel our own life’s road. We only need to look up and reach our hand toward him, just as Peter did, and He will immediately reach for ours to lift us up.

As we have passed through a gut wrenching and soul crushing (strengthening) experience, I have cried out many times to my Heavenly Father for relief. It came, but not how I thought it should. It came in the form of a renewed hope each day, noticing the simple ways He works in our lives to lift us up, time to draw closer as a family, and a stronger testimony of His hand guiding us. There were days when I let my hope fail. Those were the darkest days, but that is another post. There were days when I felt abandoned. There were many tears shed. Looking back and forward, they have all been shed for a purpose.

He truly loves His children. Turning to Him is putting your faith in what you are truly meant to BECOME. It is a journey…one that is worth every step.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zulKcYItKIA this is a link to the video of the song “Worn”

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